The Ace VIP mykonos concierge

The Ace VIP mykonos concierge

Planning your travel from the six major cosmopolitan cities for your legendary holiday in the island of the winds and magical sunsets.

Congratulations on your choice to go to Mykonos come early july! You are in for areal treat! If you want some help planning your transportation to the incredible vacation spot you are in the right place!

We’ve compiled some useful information and tips as well as handful of fun facts that can make this process easier for you and donate to your amazing experience from its very start.

If your starting place is NY, London, Paris, Milan or Rome, you can skip forward compared to that specific section, or you can make to read right from the start.

If your starting place is not covered below, we would recommend reservation a flight to Athens and then arranging for a connecting flight or a ferry transfer as described within the next section. Bon Voyage!
No matter what lengths you are via and what your ultimatedestination in Greece might be, Athens is a superb stop, both for sightseeing as well as for facilitating your further travel planning. check out the ace vip official website

For those lucky travellers that are Mykonos-bound, Athens is a superb choice for a stop-over as it includes a wide variety of air and sea transportation options.

Athens to Mykonos Flights
Athens to Mykonos Flights
You can find multiple direct flights from Athens (ATH) to Mykonos (JMK) airport on a regular basis. Direct flight can take about 40 minutes and a round-trip fare begins at €70 about. Most lively airlines upon this itinerary include Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, Volotea, Sky Exhibit, easyJet, Ryanair, etc. These plane tickets are well multiply throughout the whole day, starting in the first early morning around 5:30am, with the last one going out of Athens airport later at night, at around 11pm. Considering that Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) is the only air-port in Athens, if you are traveling in from another major city, this is a great place to get your link with Mykonos.
Athens to Mykonos Ferry
There is absolutely no surprise here, since ferry ride is a distinctive experience, that may be relaxing, refreshing and quite convenient as well, since a few of the ferries enable you to adopt your car to you. That’s a luxury unavailable on commercial plane tickets for certain! In conditions of jacks, there are two options: Pireus (PIR) and Rafina (RAF).

Among the two main seaports in Athens is situated approximately 50km from the airport terminal Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH). There is a large number of transportation possibilities, including direct bus exchanges, commuting by metro only or a combination of a bus and a metro. Regardless, the copy from the international airport to the seaport of Pireus may take up to at least one 1.5 hours, with more time had a need to locate your ferry, load your vehicle etc. Taking into consideration the above, enabling sufficient buffer time is crucial in this situation.

There remain half-dozen ferries departing daily from Pireus heading to Mykonos. Companies such as Blue Legend Ferries, Golden Legend Ferries and Seajets offer ferry exchanges fitted for each and every timeframe and budget. One-way one passenger ticket fare begins at around €20 (Blue Celebrity Ferries), for a trip exceeding 5 time in duration. As the velocity increases, so will the price of the solution. Therefore, if in a rush, you might get a Seajets ferry that will bring anyone to Mykonos (JMK) in only under 2.5 time. However, are thinking about that faster and smaller the vessel of your choice is, the bumpier drive it’s likely you’ll get. Most departures from Pireus are each day time, with limited options available in the evening.

The other major seaport in Athens in positioned in Rafina, only 16km from the Athens airport terminal (ATH), a considerably closer option compared to Pireus. Whichever mean of travel you choose, whether it is a bus, taxi or traveling your own car, and subject to traffic, it will take so long as than 30min to transfer to this port.

In conditions of ferries to Mykonos, there are more options from Rafina (in regards to a dozen) and they cover both morning and evening departures, which means you will definitely findthe the one which suits your schedule. The ticket prices aresimilar to the ones from Pireus and range between €30 to €50 for a one-way solo passenger seat throughout the market class.

To find out more on available ferries from Athens to Mykonos you can talk to websites such as Lets Ferry , Ferries and other similar websites. Couple of things to consider when reserving your ferry journey from Athens to Mykonos:

Your program – if arriving to Athens by air, what time is your arrival and exactly how quickly you can reach the port?
Will there be are specific appearance amount of time in Mykonos you are constrained by?
How many passengers are you visiting with?
Do you like a seat throughout the market class, business course or simply a cabin? Fares increase with the comfort.
How well can you tolerate action/waves – can you get easily sea-sick? If so, a larger, steadier ferry might be a much better option even if you need to compromise somewhat on enough time put in onboard, or perhaps a immediate flight. Please see the Athens/Plane tickets section above for additional information.
Are you considering taking your own vehicle to you? Not absolutely all the ferries offer this service, so make sure you take a look ahead of time when planning your trip.
Other options from Athens: In the event that you desire to include a glamourous touch from the very first minute of your trip or your routine simply doesn’t fit the commercial options described above, there are private jet and helicopter charters available alternatively. Highly customizable, but also limited in the quantity, private aircraft charters start at €5000 on the lower end, and increase with the type of jet required, range of passengers, luggage and enough time of the entire year requested.