St. Thomas: Taxis & Rates guide

St. Thomas: Taxis & Rates guide

Taxis are a favorite transportation choice for people to St. Thomas. While there isn’t a standard type of taxi vehicle, typically the most popular are vans, wide open air safaris (converted trucks; pick up truck beds are custom-made with bench seating within an open-air protected area) and SUV/cars
To assist you plan your layover or in a single day sleepover, we are here to offer the low-down on what travellers have reported back to us during their time at Cyril E. Ruler Airport.

St Thomas airport taxi-What things to Expect
A little single-terminal international airport with limited shopping and eating out options.
The airport sustained destruction in a 2018 hurricane, some amenities remain unavailable again, including the Obligation Free shop.
Long, sluggish lines for security checkpoint and baggage check.
More Services, Facilities & THINGS YOU CAN DO OVER A Layover WITH THE Airport
ATMs / Cash Machines – Need cash? ATMs can be found. Fees may apply, so make sure to check your bank’s payment schedule as well as your daily withdrawal limit if you are traveling internationally. You may even want to inform your bank or investment company of your travel ideas. Locations: unknown.

Obligation Free & Shopping – During this update, the Duty Free shop hasn’t reopened because the hurricane of 2018. It is not known if the airport terminal gift retailers are functioning again.

Food & Beverages – You will discover two restaurants (no 24-hour food concessions).

Information Workplace – Unavailable.

Luggage Storage area & Lockers – Unavailable.
Taxi Tips
Taxis are nearly always offered by the cruise ship docks when boats are in port, at the international airport, within the shopping region in down town Charlotte Amalie and usually most importantly hotels and popular restaurants/pubs.
Registered taxi vehicles are labeled with: a taxi placard or dome light on the top, license plates that point out Taxi position, On Duty/Off Duty sign in the screen of the automobile and a sign, usually on the fender, indicating traveler capacity. The drivers personal id/taxi license should be on the vehicles dash mother board.
A couple of drivers that run “gypsy taxis” in their personal vehicles. They don’t adhere to the guidelines of the taxi payment and are use at your own risk. They often hustle outside pubs and food markets.
Although rates are standardized it is strongly recommended that you speak to the driver and consent to your total rate (for you, your group, your luggage, waiting, travel) before boarding the taxi cab.
Many taxis are multi-destination and some can carry up to 26 individuals. At the airport terminal in particular drivers will often hold out to load their vehicle before departing. You can pay extra for a private taxi (see Special Provisions Section).
Start to see the Special Provisions Section after the rate sheets for sightseeing head to rates, luggage rates, private taxi cab rates, regular rates and other information.
Special Provisions for Taxi Operators
The charges to areas not stated in the aforementioned schedule will be arrived at utilizing the nearest tariff place crossed to the next tariff place ahead, predicated on one nearest to the passenger’s vacation spot.
Taxi operators with On-duty to remain shall not refuse a traveler, unless the traveler is intoxicated and disorderly or in ownership of a pet or dog (other than a seeing attention dog) that’s not properly anchored in a kennel case or other suited container. There shall be no extra fee for seeing-eye pups.

Kennel Charges: Large Kennel – $30, Small Kennel – $20.
Circular trip fares: increase the one-way fare plus longing charges.
Longing charges: $1.00 each and every minute. First 5 minutes free.
Radio/Phone Call: One individual, the fare and something third of the essential fare. Several person; add $1.00 to each traveler.
After Time: Between midnight and 6:00am, there will be an additional fee of $2.00 per person.
Luggage: A set rate of $2 per carrier shall be put into the fare for each and every passenger. The rate for items greater than 30″x20″ shall not exceed $4 per item.
Hourly Rates (1-4 travellers): Sedan/Minuscule Van $40; Truck/Safari(14 traveler capacity) $55; Safari $80. Rates for extra passengers will be negotiated between your taxi operator and passenger(s).
Sightseeing Tours: 2 hours – One passenger $50; several individuals $25 per person. 3 time – One traveler $60; several travellers $30 per person.
Private Taxi
Air port to Red Hook
$90 for 1-4 travellers, (5 or even more travellers add $15 for each additional person).
Within Town Limits
$55 for 1-4 individuals, (5 or more individuals add $7 for each additional person).
Air port to Frenchman’s Reef, Limetree or Bolongo
$65 for 1-4 individuals, (5 or even more passengers can pay an additional fare each).